The Grande laser provides up to 20 Watts of optical power for demanding applications that require high output powers. Controlled by an internal micro-processor, the design features an LCD display, which provides users safety status as well as real time information on power current settings and internal temperature. Drive current and bias settings are user controllable with 12 bits of resolution (4096 steps). The Grande features passive cooling for the circuitry and laser. Input to the module is typically 5 VDC, while blue and green lasers require 8 VDC.

Wavelengths and Powers of Grande lasers:

  • 450 nm, 3 W
  • 515 nm, 0,9 W
  • 635 nm, 0,65 W
  • 808 nm, 5 W and 10 W
  • 915 nm, 5 W and 10 W
  • 980 nm, 5 W and 10 W

Key Features

  • High pointing stability
  • Wide range of powers and fan angles
  • High intensity
  • Adjustable focus
  • Rugged, industrial-grade design


  • Circularized beam
  • Fiber coupled output