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 Femtosecond laser FMT-05

FMT-05 from Photonics Laboratories is a femtosecond laser based on state-of-art technologies of Yb:KYW lasing media and longitudinal pumping. Pulse width is below 150 fs, pulse repetition rate is 70 MHz, output power achieves 5W at the fundamental wavelength. FMT-05 is a forcibly cooled device. Cooling unit is a water chiller, to be purchased separately. Power supply unit is Bench-top or 19’’ rack mounted (2U height) and can be driven either via RS-485 machine interface or with 7” graphical display and touch panel. The laser has an circular beam profile M2 < 1,2.


  • Rugged alignment-free design
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy integration with customer’s system


  • Micro-structuring
  • Micro-machining
  • Biochemistry
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy


Description Femtosecond DPSS Yb:KYW laser
Wavelength 1028 nm +/- 5 nm
Pulse width <150 fs
Pulse energy >70 nJ
Pulse repetition rate 70 MHz
Output power > 5 W
Output beam diameter (from laser head) Approx. 1 mm
Beam quality (M2) < 1.2
Polarization Linear, horizontal
Laser head Dimensions 320 mm x 160 mm x 150 mm
Weight 8 kg
Power supply unit Bench-top or 19” rack mounted, 2U height, depth 350 mm
Weight 8kg
Cooling External chiller (20C, 200W capacity)
or Forced-air cooling with embedded fans
Interfaces Remote control user interface
RS-485 machine interface



  • SHG, THG units, optionally with switchable wavelengths
  • Beam shapers, scan heads, Z-axis
  • Machine vision sub-system (e.g. with confocal lens)
  • Process development service as well as custom made process heads are available on request