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Multi axis marking laser system with rotary table

High-speed marking laser system

Mobile marker with Z-axis. It is delivered with a class 1 enclosure.

Day & Night marking on automotive parts

ILS produces both customized laser marking and engraving workstations integrating robots, product feed, vision camera, rotary table, multiple axis and almost all kinds of laser sources, etc. as well as mobile marking and engraving devices which can be equipped with fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and UV lasers. That choice of laser sources allows the marking of almost every material.

The types of lasers being available for ILS moible markers are as follows:

  • Fiber laser source: from 10 to 100 watts pulsed or CW. Fit for the marking of all metals and most of the industrial plastics. Also allows thin cuts.
  • Co2 laser: from 10 to 100 watts CW: fit for the marking of organic tissues, plastics and anodized aluminum. Also allows the cutting of plastic and paper.
  • UV laser: from 0.5 to 3 watts: fit for the marking of plastic parts or micro-cutting. Compared to IR lasers the UV sources produce a lot less heat on the part to mark.

All of our laser marking devices are equipped with the optimization of the parameter tool MOSAIC.

Parameter Tool MOSAIC

The MOSAIC Tool is supplied with all  marking systems. According to the materials you are marking and the quality you are seeking, it allows you to choose the appropriate laser parmameters in a quick and easy way.

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