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Welding Lasers

Examples Laser Welding Maschines

Depending on the required application fiber lasers of up to 4 kW and laser diodes up to 40 kW are used for welding processes.

Multi sources laser welding system with product feed

5 axis laser welding with 2 axis laser cutting system

Multi axis laser welding system with robot

Interior view of laser welding system with robot


Laser welding of metal parts: pulsed mode or continuous mode (CW)

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Laser welding of plastic parts

The assembly of plastic parts is made most of the time by “transparency”. The first piece of plastic is transparent to the laser beam whereas the second plastic is absorbing it. There is a heating by thermal conduction, fusion then welding of the two plastic parts.The automotive industry uses this kind of process for the assembly of headlights and sometimes moving parts like the trunk hatch.