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Multispectral Cameras – CMS4 Series

Visible to Near IR ranges
8 spectral bands + 1 B&W
4.2 Mpx raw resolution
12 bits
USB 3.0

Very Compact Multispectral Cameras

CMS4 Multispetral cameras are specially designed to allow high integration of VIS/NIR multispectral systems. These lightweight (less than 170 g) and very small footprint (52 mm x 62 mm x 40 mm) cameras split the image into 8 spectral bands plus 1 B&W channel. Made by hybridization of a custom Bayer-like matrix on a commercial 4,2 MPixel CMOS Sensor, they allow extracting the spectrum on each point of an image. SILIOS offers three different CMS4 cameras (CMS4-C, CMS4-V and CMS4-S) to address a wide spectrum of applications.

CMS4-C 430 nm – 700 nm

Typical CMS-C filter transmission spectrum 430 nm – 700 nm

CMS-V 550 nm – 830 nm

Typical CMS-V filter transmission spectrum 550 nm – 830 nm

CMS4-S 650 nm – 930 nm

Typical CMS-S filter transmission spectrum 650 nm – 930 nm



Array type

Optical Interface

Resolution (raw picture)

Resolution (spectral pictures)

Pixel pitch

Maximum frame rate

Exposure time range



CS-mount (C-mount compatible with additional C-ring)

2048 (H) x 2048 (V)

682 (H) x 682 (V)

5.5 μm

40 Hz

100 µs to 5 s


Camera control

Digital output

Power supply

Dimension (W x H x L)

Weight (camera head)

USB 3.0

12-bit USB 3.0

USB 3.0

52 x 62 x 40 mm

170 g

Spectral Specifications





Spectral Range

430 nm – 700 nm

550 nm – 830 nm

650 nm – 930 nm

Band width (FWHM avg)

40 nm

40 nm

40 nm

Macropixel Configuration

3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)

3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)

3x3 (8 color bands + 1 B&W)


  • Precision Farming – Drone Field Mapping
  • Medical & Bio: Endoscopy, Microscopy, etc.
  • Autonomus Vehicle Segmentation
  • ​Cosmetics – Personalized Skin Care and Make-up
  • New Space Earth observation



Software Development Kit (SDK)



COLOR SHADES® LAB is the SDK for the CMS/CMS4 Series multispectral cameras. It allows 1) displaying the raw images, false color images, gray scale images or overlaid images with different indexation methods (such as “spectrum recognition”), 2) normalizing the spectral channels, 3) applying multispectral image corrections such as the crosstalk correction and 4) extracting the hypercubes.

​COLOR SHADES® LAB runs with real time acquisition, but can also run with recorded single image or series of images (“replay mode”).

​COLOR SHADES® LAB supports any of the CMS and CMS4 cameras (C, V or S) and recognizes each plugged one via its S/N number. The specific spectral data of the corresponding multispectral sensor are then used for spectral corrections and treatments.

​COLOR SHADES® LAB is supplied for free with any purchased multispectral CMS/CMS4 camera.