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PaceTech’s MINIMAL and VITALMAX Monitors  have been designed based on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge in veterinary monitoring. It integrates PaceTech’s proven technology and experience in ergonomic design, thereby delivering impressive reliability and performance thanks to our partnership with SunTech. Its portable structure, with touch screen and intuitive user interface along with accurate monitoring functions make the PaceTech Monitors the optimal choice for animal care. This units has a large size TFT color screen, it is configurable with integrated 3/5 lead ECG, Resp., SpO2, TEMP, NIBP, IBP and EtCO2 measurements. It is suitable for a wide range of general veterinary monitoring. PaceTech offers 5 years warranty. The PaceTech Monitors are exclusivly distributed by MD Innovation Tech GmbH, vet@md-innovationtech.com.