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The name MD INNOVATION TECH stands for excellent quality and highly sophisticated individual solutions in the laser technology, hyperspectral imaging, photonics and optical measurement technology. The fields of application in industry, science, medicine, research & development are as diverse as the products themselves.

MD INNOVATION TECH distributes OEM lasers and sources, laser diode modules, hyperspectral imagers, IR cameras, optical coherence tomography OCT systems, handheld Raman analyzers, material processing lasers with unique features. All products are among the key technologies of the high-tech industry, whether as an OEM module / component for integration into machines or as a complete system. High-quality hyperspectral imagers, infrared cameras, lasers in standard and customized versions give our customers clear answers to specific questions, starting among others in medical technology/life science from opthalmologic, dermatologic, and neuronal diseases, detection of dangerous infectious agents, to cancer cell research. Complex further applications can be found in the pharmaceutical, chemical, forensic, safety and environment field, food & plants sorting and recycling, food analysis, mineral analysis, tissue analysis, photovoltaic characterization, Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry, confocal  microscopy, mining, oil & gas operations, aerospace, military and defense, astronomy, automotive, electronics, robotics, and many more.

Our partly and fully automised material processing laser systems for marking, engraving, welding, cuttimg, drilling, brazing, and cladding are entirely made to our customers needs and can be found in a variety of markets such as automotive, aerospace, medical, nuclear, machining, electronics, and spatial industries, etc. In addition standard and customized laser systems for micromaterial processing are also offered.

MD INNOVATION TECH works exclusively with a selected limited number of leading and highly innovative manufacturers and  differs significantly from competitors in its product and business philosophy as well as its sales concept.

Our sales regions cover Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia as well as Spain, Italy, and parts of Eastern Europe.



A dedicated and dynamic sales and engineering team with many years of experience in the industrial and scientific environment is always available to our customers at our  locations in Arzberg and  Bensheim.


PHOTON ETC, Montreal, Canada

Photon etc. is an established leader of optical and photonic instrumentation. Its product portfolio includes Bragg-based hyperspectral imaging platforms, infrared cameras, widely tunable sources and filters. These tools are developed in partnership with researchers who are pushing the boundaries in fields such as material and life sciences.

Photon etc’s products and solutions:

  • Hyperspectral Microscopy – Raman Imaging / Luminescence Imaging
  • Hyperspectral Wide Field Imaging
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Tunable Filters
  • Tunable Laser Source (Supercontinuum Laser)

A few examples of Photon etc’s application fields:

  • Nanotechnology
    Carbon-based materials / nanoparticles in cancer cells / semiconductor
  • Life Science
    Multiplexing-17-SWCNTS / neuronal imaging / nanoparticles in cancer cells / optical chemosensors / carbon- based materials / forensic
  • Material Analysis
    Photovoltaic / carbon-based materials / semiconductors / nanoparticles in cancer cells
  • Industrial
    Mining, oil & gas operations / food and drinks analysis / food sorting and recycling / safety & security / sulphur detection by libs / analysis of soils and chemical compositions / fermentation, microbiology and microbes in food / protein, oil, ash, humidity and particule sizes in flour / fat, protein, lactose and suspension in milk / greases, protein and humidity in meat and cheese / protein, carbohydrate, fiber and humidity in animal food / alcohol, sugar and sourness in fruit juices / etc.
  • Space & Astronomy
  • Health / Medical
    retinal imaging / dermatology / neuronal imaging


Since 1969,  PTI have been designing, developing, and manufacturing a comprehensive range of laser products for scientific, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, machine vision, defense and security applications. In fact, PTI modules are ideal for any number of OEM and research-based applications, including microscopy, display, spectroscopy, holography, laser-induced fluorescence, flow cytometry, and high-resolution printing. PTI offer a variety of laser diode modules with wavelengths from 263 to 13,900nm and output powers from 0.1mW to several Watts. Beam circularization is available for many of the modules, as is active temperature control and pulsed or modulated output. And several of the PTI laser diode modules feature an alternate separated geometry configuration for more flexible integration into your application. In addition to being a forerunner in semiconductor laser technology, For users seeking a specialized module outside of the PTI standard product line, they perform a number of custom-design and manufacturing services.

PTI products:

  • High-end and lower cost laser diode modules
  • Laser Heads
  • Laser Drivers
  • Infrared Viewers
  • Laser Diode Control Units
  • Lithography Lasers
  • 3 D Printing Laser Sources

PTI applicatiion fields:

  • Military / Defense
    PTI is an ITAR registered manufacturer that provides tactical lasers and laser-based solutions for Defense, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement applications.
  • Industrial
    Large scale assembly / drilling applications / marking applicatiions
  • Cinema Laser Systems
  • Medical Treatment        
    MRI patient alignment /  X-Ray patient positioning / cellular and tissue fluorescence / DNA analysis / particle and droplet sizing / flow cytometry / fluorescent microscopy / medical imaging / X-Ray film marking / blood analysis / confocal microscopy / pointing source for surgical lasers
  • Machine Vision
    3 D profiling, 3 D mapping / dimensional scanning / high-speed road and rail inspection / fluorescence / illumination
  • Scientific 
    Laser-induced fluorescence / bioanalysis / interferometry / Raman spectroscopy / high-resolution printing / microscopy
  • Semiconductor lasers


Lumedica is comprised of researchers and builders of affordable healthcare technologies.With a proven track record in scientific innovation and product development, Lumedica creates affordable light-based scientific and medical instruments that deliver accurate diagnostic results. Leveraging off-the-shelf and custom imaging components, Lumedica is able to make diagnostic devices cheaper, more durably, and easier to disseminate. The company was founded in 2014 based on research conducted at Duke University’s BIOS Laboratory.



  • High-resolution OCT for ex vivo tissue (pathology)
  • OCT Retinal Imaging for animals