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Great beam pointing stability. Square package. The instrumental quality CK laser module has been designed specifically to address the needs of high-end OEM applications requiring superior optical quality and ultra-stable wavelength and output powers. The CK features an onboard microprocessor allowing for advanced integration and user control. To promote stability of wavelength and output powers, a precision current source as well as a precision temperature control has been incorporated in the module. The low operating voltage helps to create less heat waste increasing diode lifetime, efficiency, and reliability. The mechanical design of the CK allows users to replace more expensive lasers without sacrificing performance.

Instrument Quality (IQ Series)

Single Mode Instrument Quality Lasers 375 nm – 500 nm Power Technology’s Instrument Quality (IQ) series of laser diode modules are designed specifically to address the needs of high-end OEM applications requiring superior optical quality and ultra-stable temperatures, wavelengths & output powers. With wavelengths ranging from 375 nm to 488 nm, IQ series laser modules incorporate quality glass lenses to achieve optical clarity at up to 3000 mA of drive current. For added beam quality, users may choose an IQ module with beam circularization. All IQ lasers feature a precision current source and a PID temperature control loop that allows the unit to operate optimally at 8 VDC at a wide temperature range of 15 C – 35 C. This creates less excess heat within the laser module, increasing diode lifetime, efficiency and reliability.

Machine Vision Lasers PNF & IQ7

The PNF series line generation laser is a high stability, configurable, premium quality laser for machine vision applications. The PNF features wavelengths between 405 nm – 980 nm with up to 150mW output power and optional ultra fast digital modulation.
The PNF Series includes Unique Variable Focus™ Technology that allows the user to calibrate the focus of the module and then re-tune the line generator for optimal performance at close or long range.

GPD Green Laser

The GPD series green laser diode module is a high stability, cost effective replacement for DPSS applications. The GPD features wavelengths of 405 nm – 520 nm with 1 mW – 50 mW of output power.
The GPD provides you with higher stability than most DPSS modules thanks to an internal photodiode which allows for Automatic Power Control. The GPD’s stability is unmatched by inexpensive DPSS lasers

PM Laser – Industrial / Analytic

The RS is a compact module designed for your cost-sensitive application. The output power of the RS is preset to fall within the range of your desired laser class, and units that are class 3a and below are CDRH certified, provided that users connect to the power source through a switch. The RS operates in automatic power control mode. An optional factory-installed line generating lens is available that is permanently attached to the module at a fixed focal distance. No adjustment of the lens is possible. For particularly demanding applications, we recommend incorporating a heat sink into your RS.

Lower Cost Modules GS & RS

This series of compact laser diode modules is designed for cost-sensitive applications. The red units operate in automatic power control mode, while the green units use an alternate method to maintain stable output powers. A factory installed line generator, attached at a fixed focal distance, is available upon request (user focasability is not possible with line generators). Laser modules that produce a spot are fully adjustable for focus or collimation. For especially demanding applications, we recommend incorporating a heatsink with the laser module.

Single Frequency Diode Laser Modules – IQ6

The Instrument Quality IQ6 laser diode module has been created specifically to address the needs of high-end OEM applications requiring narrow spectral widths and long coherence lengths. With wavelengths ranging from 390 nm  to 2320 nm, the IQ6 features a spectral width of < 5 MHz, and provides coherence lengths of over 15 meters. The IQ6 laser features a precision current source and a PID temperature control loop that allows the unit to create less excess heat within the laser module, increasing diode lifetime, efficiency and reliability.

Laser Module with Beam Circularization (Anamorphic Prisms)

The ACM is an excellent replacement for large, inefficient gas lasers. The unit yields a round beam that
imitates a gas laser’s naturally circular beam while offering several advantages: compact size, lighter weight, and dramatically lower power consumption. The ACM achieves its beam circularization via a pair of anamorphic correcting prisms, an astigmatic lens, and an output aperture. The unit operates in automatic power control mode and serves as an ideal OEM component for positioning, alignment, and measurement applications.

Laser Module with Beam Circularization (Anamorphic Prisms)

The APM module not only offers a circularized beam, but it includes an active temperature control
circuit, TE cooler, and fan to control the diode’s operating temperature. These temperature control
mechanisms—in addition to promoting stability of wavelength and output power—help to extend the life of
the diode.
The APM operates in constant current mode or automatic power control mode. Built-in potentiometers
enable users to adjust or change the drive current, laser power, or active temperature control parameters,
and a 7-pin connector allows for DVM-compatible monitoring of these parameters.

Water Resistant Lasers – WRM Lasers

The WRM series laser module delivers water resistant operation for harsh environments.  Harsh environments examples include stone cutting and food processing.

Pulsed Laser Modules

This Series of pulsed laser diode systems are complete systems that only require an regulated DC input voltage and a timing trigger
pulse to operate. These systems include the pulse drive electronics, focusing lens, and the laser diode.
The laser wavelength is typically 905nm, which is close to the peak sensitivity of silicon detectors. A range of output powers are
available utilizing either stacked or single junction lasers. The standard systems provide 15ns pulse width with fast rise and fall times. These systems are well suited to applications requiring a reflected beam, as in ranging, or beam interruption, as in safety.

Grande High Power Laser Diode Modules

The Grande laser provides up to 20 Watts of optical power for demanding applications that require high output powers. Controlled by an internal micro-processor, the design features an LCD display, which provides users safety status as well as real time information on power current settings and internal temperature. Drive current and bias settings are user controllable with 12 bits of resolution (4096 steps). The Grande features passive cooling for the circuitry and laser. Input to the module is typically 5 VDC, while blue and green lasers require 8VDC.

ClearCut Laser Engine

The ClearCut Laser Engine is engineered for the demanding needs of copper, silver, and gold cutting, welding, and fabrication. The laser’s unique wavelength of 450 nm / 455 nm is optimized for maximum absorption of copper, silver and gold. Available in power outputs 26 Watts, 30 Watts, 62 Watts, 100 Watts and 175 Watts.


Lithography Laser

The iLLUMINA Lithography Laser is a high resolution, user friendly direct laser lithography system ideal for maskless lithography, ink & varnish curing, and digital laser printing. The iLLUMINA features a fiber coupled output with wavelengths of 375 nm or 405 nm and output power up to 37 W. The non-coherent light source provides reliable functionality without the use of a water chiller. The use of PTI’s proprietary light source allows the reproduction of lithographic patterns with exceptionally high resolution and rapid design turnaround.

Cinema Laser

The greatest challenge currently facing projector manufacturers is delivering more brightness on the screen at an economical price. The limitations of xenon bulbs have contributed to the decay of audience attendance and screen size growth. That ends now. With 20x the lifespan of bulbs, the Illumina Cinema Laser System eliminates the never-ending bulb replacement expenses while maintaining 80% of original brightness over 10 years.

This saves thousands of Euros over a projector’s lifetime while providing brighter and more engaging experiences to a greater number of ticket-buying customers. Illumina easily exceeds the brightness requirements of today’s demanding 3D applications as well as the immersive cinema experiences of tomorrow. Illumina is engineered to virtually eliminate speckle while simultaneously increasing the available color gamut for a richer cinema experience. Scalability allows manufacturers and theater owners to choose the right amount of light for the right projector at the right price.

From small art house screens to giant cineplexes, the Illumina Cinema Laser System provides between 10,000 and 65,000 lumens of DC65 compliant white light exactly where you need it on the screen. Call or email today to find out how laser illuminated projection with the Illumina Cinema Laser System can bring your theater experience into the brightest future possible, right now.


3D Printing laser sources

Designed for Original Equipment Manufacturer’s, the 3 D printing laser sources are optimized for resin-based photopolymer printers and selective laser sintering (SLS) applications. Please contact us to configure a laser for your specific requirements.

Monocrom @Met Direct Diode

Actively cooled direct diode laser solution in the kW range and beyond for roll-forming stations. This direct diode source enables the utilization of high strength steel to create lighter parts, keeping the same mechanical performance, and without compromising its integrity during and after the forming process. The combination of Monocrom patented Clamping™ technology and the use of millimeter size cooling channels in our diode laser mounts allow an extremely robust and reliable laser head, optimum for industrial environments with minimal maintenance requirements.

Monocrom @Mini Direct Diode

Passively-cooled direct diode laser for Imaging, Computer to Plate (CtP) and Illumination, mounted with Monocrom Clamping™ technology where the combination of its almost zero smile effect and proper beam focusing optics aids the creation of extremely narrow laser spot lines with an almost flat-top intensity profile along the line (slow axis), delivering more than 120 W in CW mode.

Monocrom @Puls Direct Diode

Passively cooled, pulsed direct diode laser solution for gated imaging applications operating in nanosecond pulses. The laser module is mounted with our patented solder-free laser bar Clamping™ technology for optimum performance and longer useful life-time.


Infrared Viewers

IR Viewers make infrared light visible to the human eye.

Pulsed Laser Driver

Precision drive electronics for Laser Diodes