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Direct Diode Lasers

Monocrom @Met Direct Diode

Actively cooled direct diode laser solution in the kW range and beyond for roll-forming stations. This direct diode source enables the utilization of high strength steel to create lighter parts, keeping the same mechanical performance, and without compromising its integrity during and after the forming process. The combination of Monocrom patented Clamping™ technology and the use of millimeter size cooling channels in our diode laser mounts allow an extremely robust and reliable laser head, optimum for industrial environments with minimal maintenance requirements.

Monocrom @Mini Direct Diode

Passively-cooled direct diode laser for Imaging, Computer to Plate (CtP) and Illumination, mounted with Monocrom Clamping™ technology where the combination of its almost zero smile effect and proper beam focusing optics aids the creation of extremely narrow laser spot lines with an almost flat-top intensity profile along the line (slow axis), delivering more than 120 W in CW mode.

Monocrom @Puls Direct Diode

Passively cooled, pulsed direct diode laser solution for gated imaging applications operating in nanosecond pulses. The laser module is mounted with our patented solder-free laser bar Clamping™ technology for optimum performance and longer useful life-time.

Monocrom High Power Laser

High power laser head. 980 nm, 3200 W CW, fast axis collimation. Optics to achieve a line of 136 mm x 300 μm


Encapsulated diode laser module with sealed housing and real macro-channels (0,9mm Ø) that avoid the common issues with obstructions. The non-soldering technique used in the mounting of the laser bars, allows the use of electrodes with high thermal conductivity (near to 400 W/km). As a result, high cooling efficiency and large operation and storage temperature range are achieved.