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Monocrom @Puls Direct Diode

Passively cooled, pulsed direct diode laser solution for gated imaging applications operating in nanosecond pulses. The laser module is mounted with Monocrom patented solder-free laser bar Clamping™ technology for optimum performance and longer useful life-time.

Technical specifications

Laser parameters(1,2,3,4)
Wavelength(5) [nm] 760 – 2200
Wavelength tolerance [nm] ± 20
Peak power [W ] < 250 / laser bar
Operating current [A] < 265
Voltage @ connectors(6) [V] < 2 / laser bar
Pulse length [ns] < 100
Repetition rate [Hz] 500
Number of laser bars <10
Optical efficiency [%] 98 typ.
Laser bar smile [nm] <0.3
Emission width [mm] 10
Emission height [mm] 7.5
Horizontal divergence(7) [º] 10
Vertical divergence(7) [º] 30
Optics available FAC/SAC/BT
Cooling TEC
Electrical connections cathode M3 / anode M4
Weight [g] 250
Package dimensions (W x H x L) [mm] See outline
Expected lifetime 2 x 109 pulses

Specifications at 20 ºC, in the beginning of lifetime.

  1. This is a preliminary specification sheet, validation of specification is in process.
  2. If any other requirements are needed, please contact us.
  3. Specifications at 20º C, at the beginning of the lifetime.
  4. Specification are subjected to chips availability.
  5. Other wavelengths on request.
  6. Voltage from the power supply must be higher, as due to high current there will be a voltage drop in the cables
  7. Measured at FW95 % energy