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Monocrom @Met Direct Diode

Actively cooled direct diode laser solution in the kW range and beyond for roll-forming stations. This direct diode source enables the utilization of high strength steel to create lighter parts, keeping the same mechanical performance, and without compromising its integrity during and after the forming process. The combination of Monocrom patented Clamping™ technology and the use of millimeter size cooling channels in our diode laser mounts allow an extremely robust and reliable laser head, optimum for industrial environments with minimal maintenance requirements.

Technical specifictions

Laser parameters(1,2,3,4)
Wavelength(5) 760 – 1550
Wavelength tolerance [nm] ± 20
Linewidth [nm] 5
Output power [kW] up tp 5
Operating current [A] 125 (135 max.)
Voltage @ connectors(6) [V] ~ 2 per laser bar
Laser bars per stack up to 6
Stacks per unit up to 8
Smile [µm] < 0.3
Working distance [mm] customized
Depth of field [mm] ± 2
Line width(7) [mm] customized (~ 1 typ.)
Line length(8) [mm] customized
Irradiance at target area [W/mm2] customized (~ 20 typ.)
Operating parameters
Coolant flow [l/min] 15
Coolant pressure [bar] > 5
Coolant temperature [°C] 18 – 20
Coolant 90% distilled water + 10% ethyleneglycol
Weight [kg] 2.5
Package dimensions (W x H x L) [mm] stack dependent (240 x 192 x 80 @ 8 stacks)
Electrical connections Threads M6
Water connections 2 x 8 mm push-in connectors
Expected lifetime [h] 20.000

1. This is a preliminary specification sheet, validation of specification is in process.
2. If any other requirements are needed, please contact us.
3. Specifications at 20 ºC, at the beginning of the lifetime.
4. Specification are subjected to chips availability.
5. Other wavelengths on request.
6. Voltage from the power supply must be higher, as due to high current there will be a voltage drop in the cables
7. Measured at FW95% energy.
8. Determined by taking 1σ values.
9. Values for related to coolant properties are recommendations. External chiller is needed.