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OQ LabScope

Accelerate Innovation with Affordable, OCT, Optical Coherence Tomography

It’s OCT. Re-imagined.

Optical Coherence Tomography, better known as OCT, uses light to provide cross-sectional images of micro-layers of tissues and other samples.
While OCT has many applications, from scientific to medical to manufacturing, the technology has not been affordable — until now.

It’s affordable.

The OQ LabScope costs a fraction of what every other OCT system on the market costs. With such prices many laboratories could afford to place OCT systems at multiple research facilities. A fully configured workstation with a monitor, keyboard and mouse can be supported.

It’s accurate.

The OQ Labscope generates 512 x 512 pixel images, with axial resolution of 7 μm in air (5 μm in tissue), an imaging depth of 2.8 mm (2 mm in tissue), and a lateral depth resolution of 15 μm — matching the performance of OCT units costing three times as much. It’s compact. No other OCT has the footprint of the OQ LabScope. Roughly the size of a shoe box, including the integrated computer, our OCT system will not crowd your bench, or require you to buy special cart in order to use it. Even better, it can be easily stored when not in use.

It’s easy to use.

We want you to focus on science, not on setup. We kept the software simple, so you’ll be able to generate images quickly.

It’s customizable.

If you need the LabScope to be configured for a specific application, we’re happy to make adjustments.


OQ Labscope 2.0:         A-Scan: 15.000/sec; B-Scan: 22/sec – Version 2.0/R with microscope
OQ Labscope 2.0/X:     A-Scan: 80,000/sec; B-Scan: 100/sec – Version 2.0/XR with microscope

Technical Data

Image Size 512 px x 512 px
Depth Resolution 7,0 μm in air 5,0 µm in tissue
Transverse Resolution 15 μm
Scan Range 7 mm x  7 mm
A-Scan Line Rate  Version 2.0 15.000/sec; Version 2.0 X: 80.000/sec
B-Scan Image Rate Version 2.0 22/sec; Version 2.0 X :  100/sec.
Center Wavelength 840 nm
Sensitivity (OSNR) 100 dB
Output Power 750 μW
System Size (w/d/h) 19 cm x 33 cm x 15 cm
Scanner Size (w/d/h) 4,1 x 17,2 x 6,7
System Weight 2,72 kg

Samples OCT Images