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Infrared Cameras

Affordable SWIR cameras sensitive from 850 nm to 2.5 µm or 2.9 µm  – images collection at an astounding 345 frame-per-second rate – unrivalled low noise levels – four-stage TE cooler – suitable for demanding faint flux applications such as small animal imaging in the second biological window – well-suited for spectroscopy, astronomy or industrial applications in quality control and sorting.


Highly configurable instruments for research and development and industrial testing applications. intelligent, intuitive and autonomous hyperspectral cameras from Hinalea.


The 4200M Microscope System is a peripheral device that brings HinaLea Imaging hyperspectral imaging functionality to microscopes. This system enables observation and spectral analysis of nanoscale samples in a variety of biological and materials-based environments

Hyperspectral Microscopy – Raman Imaging

RAMAN IMAGING – RIMA™ the fastest Raman imager on the market – unique solution for rapid spectral and spatial characterization of advanced materials over large areas (up to 1 mm x 1 mm and more) – powerful non-invasive imaging modality for material (RIMA™ NANO) and biomedical (RIMA™ BIOMED) sciences.


Complete characterization of the target with full-resolution images at any wavelength within 400-1000 nm (V-EOS™) or 1000-2300 nm (S-EOS™) – acquisition of an optimized hyperspectral cube permits spectral analysis of each and every pixel of a full-resolution image, meaning no more fastidious XY scanning of samples or limiting exposure time of remote sensing acquisitions.

Photon etc’s
Analysis Software

PHySpec™ is the proprietary software of our partner Photon etc that controls all devices and supported cameras. It is easy to install and presents a friendly user interface. Its multithreaded architecture is a key feature when processing in parallel complex algorithms, acquiring, visualizing, importing and exporting data in real time. Special functions can be developed for custom applications.


The incomparable efficiency and out-of-band rejection  unique optical filtering technology are ideal for tunable excitation sources in fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy.