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Diode Lasers, Hyperspectral Imaging, IR Cameras, OCT Optical Coherence Tomography For Pathology, OCT Retinal Imaging Animals, Spectral CT Scanner, Laser Diode Modules, Pulsed Lasers, LIDAR Lasers, High Power Lasers, SWIR Cameras, Hyperspectral Microscopy, Raman Imaging, Luminescence Imaging, Hyperspectral Widefield Imaging, Veterinary CT-Systems (Computed Tomography) providing CT, DR and Fluoroscopy, Preclinical Imaging System, Pico Second Laser, Nano Second Laser, MRI Systems, VET-OCT, VET-WAVE, Patient Monitors, Cone Beam CT, x-ray



The name MD INNOVATION TECH stands for excellent quality and highly sophisticated individual solutions in the laser technology, hyperspectral imaging, OCT Optical Coherence Tomography, photonics and optical measurement technology. The fields of application in industry, science, medicine, research & development are as diverse as the products themselves.

MD INNOVATION TECH distributes diode lasers, hyperspectral imaging, IR cameras, OCT optical coherence tomography for pathology, OCT retinal imaging animals, laser diode modules, pulsed lasers, high power lasers, SWIR cameras, hyperspectral microscopy, raman imaging, luminescence imaging, hyperspectral widefield imaging, handheld Raman analyzers, spectral CT-Scanner

Our sales regions cover Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia as well as Spain, Italy, and parts of Eastern Europe.