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γ-eye scintigraphic in vivo imaging system

γ-eye scintigraphic in vivo imaging system


“γ-eye”, the first system of the “eye”-series, is a dedicated scintigraphic camera suitable for in vivo molecular imaging of biomolecules and nanoparticles.  “γ-eye” is a unique benchtop system for whole-body mouse imaging. Its 5x10cm2 field-of-view allows static and fast dynamic studies. “γ-eye” is the only truly portable scintigraphic system, offered in a safe suitcase with all components and ready for immediate use. The “eye”-series fulfil the gap between ex vivo biodistributions and advanced multimodal imaging systems. Planar mode is the most efficient method for fast in vivo screening of various biomolecules and this is what the “eyes” offer.

The “γ-eye” technology gives the ability to image a variety of readily available 99mTc-labelled radiotracers and probes. Upon request, “γ-eye” can be adapted to  other SPECT isotopes.

Why “γ-eye” is the right choice?


  • Low-cost benchtop system
  • Easy versatile transportation
  • Robust technology
  • Semi-quantitative information
  • Long-term operational system
  • No special room requirements
  • No need for technical staff
  • User-friendly software





  • Whole-body dynamic studies
  • Fast screening of promising bio-
    molecules before detailed studies
  • Dynamic studies for determining
    best biodistribution time-points
  • Quality control imaging before
    ex vivo biodistributions
  • Quality control pre-screening
    before multimodal imaging




The “eyes” Software

The “eyes” GUI is a user-friendly software. Fully comprehensive for real-time imaging and post-processing data analysis for preclinical planar imaging. The software supports DICOM standard and provides the option of cine view export of your acquisition.

Complete an imaging study in 4 steps:

Database archive

Easy search and storage of acquisitions: study information, physician details, biomolecule information, imaging protocol.

Real-time imaging

Real time visualization of the study with a user selectable refresh rate.

Post-processing analysis

Easy-handled tools for standard image processing and automated graphs of
time kinetic curves.

Reporting tool

One click for reporting all valuable data. Figures, ROIs, parameters, information
of the study collected in a final report file.


The “eyes” Packaging

The systems are delivered in a portable suitcase where all components are stored (mouse beds, phantoms, cables, laptop, power supply). The suitcase is safe for transportation by all means (airplane, bus, train) considered as standard luggage.