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Veterinary Permanent MRI System


The i_Open 0.36T system is a medical diagnostic magnetic resonance system. The main magnet of the system adopts the “C” type, single pole structure. The structure has large open degree (the opening angle is larger than 270 degree), which provides the patient much comfort and acceptance. The main magnet has the advantage of compact structure, small size (1,7 m × 1,1 m × 1,7 m) and light weight (15 T) with the static magnetic field strength up to 0,36 T.


The core components (magnet, software, spectrometer, gradient system, sequences, spoils) are own developments by the manufacturer WDM.

The system uses a top quality magnet. The design is patented. It has a reliable open structure, with stable magnetic field.


The i_Open 0.36T features an Open C-shape magnet with active shielding. The stability of the magnetic field is ensured via patent design of magnet and a specialized magnet constant temperature system.

Magnet constant temperature system is consisted of magnet temperature isolation coat and automatic temperature regulator, which makes magnet working at the stable temperature higher than the magnet room, greatly improved the system stability by cancelling influence from room temperature fluctuation.

The magnet’s fringe field is small; the 5-G field is contained within 2.5 m or less in all directions allowing the system to be sited in a small space. The complete system can be installed in a space of 22.5 m2. The excellent magnetic field homogeneity is to ensure superior image quality with a 40 cm field of view.

The open, C-arm magnet design is based on the research and clinical feedback in the area of full body imaging. The result is a high resolution, wide field of view magnet optimized to image of different part of body scan.

  • Field Strength: 0.36T ±5%

  • Type: Permanent

  • Field Orientation: Vertical

  • Weight: 15000 Kg

  • Homogeneity 35cm DSV 2.06ppm

  • Gradient Strength: 28.5 mT/m

  • Slew Rate: 95 mT/m/ms

  • Gap: 37±1 cm

  • Horizontal Open Angle: 300°

  • Environmental: Internal Thermostatic Control System

Patient table

The patient table is used for positioning the patient with corresponding RF receiving coils to the iso-center of the magnet for the scanning of MR.

The patient table unit includes two parts: patient table and positioning system. The patient table includes tabletop, tabletop carrier, cushion, etc.

The positioning system includes laser positioning and LED display screen. LED screens display the coordinates of the table simultaneously.

  • Support Width: 60 cm

  • Max. Patient Weight: 240kg


The spectrometer is a key part of the whole MRI system. Its function is to generate the pulse sequences, to RF and gradient amplifiers, collect and analyze pre-amplified data from receiving channels, and send data to workstation for image reconstruction.

  • Structure: Network Communication Module (NCM)

Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Module (DAM)

Digital Control Module (DCM)

Gradient Calculation Module (GCM)

Gradient Output Module (GOM)

RF Output Module (ROM)

Gain Adjustment Amplifier Module (GAM)

Gradient System

The i_Open 0.36T gradient system is state-of-the-art, capable of running at 28.5 mT/m with a slew rate of 95 mT/m/ms.

  • Maximum Voltage: 150V

  • Maximum Current: 150A

More gradient power will support more gradient strength, enable system to provide less slice thickness and smaller minimum FOV, and allows fast (single-shot) TSE sequences with high turbo-factor and heavy T2-weighting.