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 1,5 T Super-Conductive MRI System

The i_Space 1.5T system is a medical diagnostic magnetic resonance system. The system composed by 1,5 T Super-Conductive magnet, patient table, 8 channels spectrometer, gradient system, digital RF transmitting & receiving system and imaging workstation.

Why do we suggest WDM 1.5T system?

1. Advanced design of magnet, which features “zero” helium boil-off, short bore and high homogeneity (please refer to the magnet
2. Optical fiber transmitting minimizes loss of signal and greatly increase SNR.
3. Mobile device remote control and review (Optional).

Brand new i_Space 1.5T magnet presents the latest technology of short bore and “zero” helium boil-off. 60cm open bore design combining with ultra-short bore length of 150cm will effectively relieve patient from anxiety and emotional distress. Very low helium consumption will save huge cost of maintenance.

o Field Strength: 1.5T
o Type: Super-Conductive
o Magnetic Field Stability: ≤0.10ppm/hour
o Weight: 4000 Kg
o Homogeneity 40cm DSV Vrms ≤0.25ppm
o Bore Length: 158 cm
o Bore Diameter: 60 cm
o Shimming: Active + Passive
o 5-G Field: 4 meters (axial), 2.5 meters (radial)
o Chamber Volume: Approx. 1200 Litters
o Cycle to Refill Helium: no less than 3 years

Patient table
The patient table is used for positioning the patient with corresponding RF receiving coils to the iso-center of the magnet for the scanning of MR.

The patient table unit includes two parts: patient table and positioning system. The fully automatic patient table is easy for patient to access and positioning. Laser positioning system combined with LCD display screen, helps doctor to position patient simply and
o Max. Patient Weight: 200kg
o Tabletop longitudinal moving range: 215cm
o Tabletop vertical moving range: 33cm
o Positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm

Gradient System
The i_Space 1.5T gradient system is state-of-the-art with active shielding and water cooling technology. Independent water circulation cooling primary and secondary coils ensure high performance and low power consumption.
o Gradient Strength: 33 mT/m (single axial)
o Slew Rate: 132 mT/m/ms
o Minimum Climbing Time: ≤0.2 ms
o Maximum Field of View: 500 mm
o Minimum Field of View: 5 mm
o Minimum 2D thickness: 0.2 mm
o Minimum 3D thickness: 0.1 mm
o Minimum In-plane pixel:0.1 mm

Digital RF system

The flat quadrature transmitter coil is integrated in the pole pieces providing a strong uniform field. The 20 kW RF power amplifier allows short pulses to be used, ensuring the execution of fast imaging sequences available now and those of the future.
o Operating Frequency: 63.87MHz
o Transmitting Power: 20KW
o Acquisition Band Width: 1MHz

Phase Array RF Coils

The i_Space 1.5T RF coils provide excellent signal to noise ratio, due to presence of low noise pre-amplifiers in all elements of the coils and other receiver coils, ensuring proper enhancement of the signal. Intelligent Coil Identification System makes sure the connected coil is in normal condition.

o Coil Design: Phase Array coil
o RF Coils: 6 independent receiving coils
Head Coil
Cervical Coil
Body Flexible Coil
Flat Lumbar Spine Coil
Knee Coil
Shoulder Coil