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Vet-wave®: The future of ear examinations

Vet-wave® helps to identify ear pathologies, not easily detected with an otoscope, for further clinical evaluation and treatment planning

Diseases of the auditory system in veterinary medicine as in humans are widespread and can, if underestimated, lead to serious problems. A simple external otitis can, for example, penetrate through the tympanic membrane and attack the middle ear, complicating the patient’s clinical picture and prognosis.

The technologies available to the clinic offer limited support to the veterinarian, often limited only to an otoscopic examination, an examination whose variability and subjectivity can introduce in many cases errors of assessment that affect the quality of the diagnosis.

However, other more precise instrumental tests for the diagnosis of ear diseases, such as CT or MRI, find a strong limitation in the invasiveness and cost of the procedure.

  • Up to 85% of chronic otitis cases can develop otitis media (OM)
  • The functionality of the tympanic membrane and middle ear can be evaluated
  • Potential complications of OM are otitis interna, vestibular syndrome and facial paralysis
  • In 72% of cases appropriate visualisation of the tympanic membrane may not be possible without sedation/anesthesia

An innovative technology:
how it works

Vet-wave®, specifically designed for companion animals (dogs, cats to follow), is the only device that provides functional evaluation of the tympanic membrane and middle ear, all done through its unique and patented Wideband Acoustic Immittance Technology.

Serial measurements of both ears can be recorded and entered into the patient’s clinical history; allows for serial assessment of treatment and for monitoring the progression of the key parameters over the pet’s lifetime. Vet-wave®’s software provides measurement of the following parameters*:

  • The peak Acoustic Admittance in mmhos(designated as P)
  • Resonance volume of the ear canal(designated as Vr)
  • Resonance frequency(designated as Hz)
  • Energy absorbance of the ear system(designated as fQ)

The results

Vet-wave® provides clinical data that is integrated into the patient’s management plan, providing guidance towards further diagnostic procedures or specialist intervention.

A business opportunity:
knowing the health and integrity of the tympanic membrane and middle ear is central to successful patient care

Up to 20% of dogs that visit first opinion clinics are diagnosed with Otitis Externa: an opportunity to take patient care even further by using a new innovative device with cutting-edge technology

vet-wave® expands your diagnostic services and increases your client loyalty as it becomes part of your wellness screening programs.

vet-wave® helps to improve the clinical diagnosis through objective clinical data alongside subjective visual assessment of the ear.

vet-wave® helps to improve the clinical diagnosis through objective clinical data alongside subjective visual assessment of the ear.

Easy, fast and reliable screening

Vet-wave® has an easy and intuitive user interface; it allows quick and easy examination of the tympanic membrane and middle ear, thanks to objective data measurement and its results display.

For a complete clinical picture of the external ear canal, Vet-Wave® is supported by an integrated digital otoscope* .

Offer and promote to your clients a new and easy “ready to go” ear examination to grow your business, support specialisation and help differentiate your clinic’s patient care.