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Raman Imaging

The global hyperspectral Raman imager (RIMA™) developed by Photon etc. offers a unique solution for rapid spectral and spatial characterization of advanced materials over large areas (up to 1 mm x 1 mm and more). By combining this rich information obtained from Raman spectroscopic fingerprints with the speed of global hyperspectral imaging, RIMA™ extends the limits of sample analysis and is a powerful non-invasive imaging modality for material and biomedical sciences..


CIMA is a hyperspectral confocal system sensitive between 400 nm and 1700 nm. Spectral resolution can be as low as 0,2 nm in the visible range, and 0,6 nm in the infrared. It pairs a galvanometer head and one of the fastest and most sensitive cameras on the market to yield an acquisition rate above 300 spectra per second. CIMA provides three acquisition modes: confocal hyperspectral imaging, multispectral fluorescence imaging, and emission spectroscopy of a sample in a cuvette.