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OQ VetScope

Type 1.0.1 – Light Engine, Scanner, and Integrated PC
Type 1.0.2 – Light Engine, Scanner, Integrated PC, and foot pedal
Optional: Workstation Package: Scanner Stand Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse


It’s OCT. Re-imagined

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is the gold standard for determining retinal health. The VetScope’s patented, low-cost architecture now gives Veterinarians and Researchers access to this valuable imaging tool.

It’s affordable

The OQ VetScope’s price is a fraction of any other OCT system. Now, finally, many laboratories can afford this technology.

It’s compact

The OQ VetScope is about the size of a shoe box, won’t crowd your laboratory – or require a special cart. .

It’s accurate

The OQ VetScope generates 512 x 512 pixel images, and meets industry standards for depth and transverse resolution.

It’s easy to use

Focus on science, not on setup. The software simple, so you can generate images quickly.

It’s compatible

The OQ VetScope can be configured for specific applications upon request.

Technical Data

Image Size 512 px x 512 px
Depth Resolution 5 μm in tissue
Transverse Resolution 20 μm
Scan Range 6 mm x 6 mm
A-Scan Line Rate 8,800/sec
B-Scan Image Rate 12/sec
Center Wavelength 840 nm
Sensitivity (OSNR) 100 dB
Output Power 750 μW
System Size (cm) 33,0 x 19,1 x 15,2
Scanner Size (cm) 11,4 x 6,4 x 4,8
System Weight 2,72 kg

Samples OCT Images

Rabbit Retina.

Rabbit Retina + Optic nerve