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OcuScience VET-OCT

The first ophthalmic OCT with versatility to work with animals in the lab, clinic and barn. The Vet-OCT robust data acquistion and open technology platform are key to creating new methods of disease detection and novel treatments for veterinary ophthalomology. OcuScience VET-OCT can be used on most patient exams awake or sedated, from cornea to retina.

Capability greater than human OCT systems for veterinary practise

Technical Specifications

Handheld Scanner 

  • 840 nm SD-OCT / IR Fundus Scanner weights < 1 kg on a 1/4-20" handle
  • 5 µm axial resolution
  • 80 kHz A-scan Rate (Angiography Ready)
  • 2 m cable for large animals exams includes companion animal optic for anterior and posterior imaging



  • Cloud Ready / Tele Support
  • Remote Installation and Servicing
  • Enhanced Imaging Software
  • 2D and Volume Scans (up to 512 pixel x 512 pixcel x 1024 oixel 
    JPG, TIFF, RAW and DICOM Formats


  • ‎Foot Switch (Scan/Freeze and‎
  • Surgical Optic for 12 cm Standoff to cornea
  • “Made to Spec” Optics Available
  • Extended Warranty‎


Mobile Cart

  • 5-wheel medical grade cart with basket weights 11 kg
  • Intel i7 Computer with Touchscreen Display
  • 45 minutes “off the grid” power storage
  • WiFi Enabled


Canine Retina Scan

Rabbit Retina Scan in Color

OCT with Mobile Cart