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It’s OCT. Only Deeper.

At 1310 nm you can image about twice as deeply as with our 840 nm OCT, the OQ LabScope. That means more imaging information from tissue including skin, bone, teeth and industrial samples such as silicon.

It’s flexible.

OQ StrataScope software includes horizontal, vertical, radial, and circle scans. Size can be set for all scan types. Volume images (C-scans) can be captured with sizes ranging from 64 x 64 up to 512 x 512 voxels.

It’s accurate.

Generate accurate, reliable data to examine and monitor and measure tissue structures and gauge product integrity.

It’s compact.

The OQ StrataScope is about the size of a shoe box, so it won’t crowd your bench —or require a special cart.

It’s easy to use.

Focus on science, not spending time trying to generate images. Integrated computer includes wifi for easy access to your network.

It’s Models.

  • Base Model: Engine + Scanner + Integrated PC.
  • Option Workstation Package: Scanner Stand, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Option Extendes Support: One year of extended support & service
  • Option Portability Package: Portable Monitor, Keyboard & case

Technical Data Laboratory-Grade Performance

Center Wavelength 1310 nm
Imaging Depth 4,5 µm in tissue (maximum theoretical)
Depth Resolution 14,0 μm in air;  10,0 µm in tissue
Transverse Resolution 20,0 μm
Scan Range 7 mm linear; 5 mm x 5 mm volume
A-Scan Range 18.000/sec
B-Scan Image Rate 30/sec
Sensitivity (OSNR) 100 dB
Image Size 512 pixels x 512 pixels
Output Power about 2  μW
System Size (w/d/h) 19 cm x 33 cm x 15 cm
Scanner Size (w/d/h) 41 mm x 172 mm x 67 mm
System Weight 2,72 kg