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 ANKE CT Scanner 32 slices –  veterinary ct system

Nowadays, cost effective CT scanner is increasingly becoming the expectation for basic clinical applications.Healthcare providers, therefore, have to manage an increasing number of patients at lower costs. Now comes ANATOM Fit!

ANATOM Fit is affordable, well and thoughtfully designed, of course, versatile easily to handle with all basic clinical applications in all routine scanning. ANATOM Fit is designed to deliver you benefits of diagnostic confidence, low dose for patient care, financial performance and excellent clinical applications.

● Fit Your Purchase

ANATOM Fit is an economic product specially designed and treamlined workflow and superior comprehensive clinical functions greatly improve the clinical excellence, operational efficiency and profitability.

● Fit Your Running

Low total power consumption and AccuSaving energy saving technology remarkably reduce your daily running cost.

● Fit Your Maintenance

Equipped with the worldclass high end X – ray tube and HV generator, especially ANKE’s proprietary detector with long lifetime and high efficiency.

● Fit Your Repair

Small X-ray tube and HV generator will remarkably reduce your cost of replacement after warranty.

● Fit Your Facility

Small size and energy consumption require you less facility cost.

AccuSaving: Lower power consumption and AccuSaving energy saving technology remarkably reduce your daily running cost.

  • Full 360° scan time: 0,75 sec
  • X-ray tube capacity: 3,5 MHU
  • X-ray tube current: 10 mA
  • Number of slices: 32
  • X-ray tube voltage:  70 kV – 140 kV
  • Maximum patient weight: 205 kg

  • Gantry aperture: 700 mm

  • X-ray tube cooling rate 735 kHU/min

OptiWave Detector:
High integration, fast an easy for maintenance and replacement.
Ten year radiation damage is less than 10%.

Admir3D: Iterative reconstruction technology, achieve optimal quality with low dose.

AccuDose: Comprehensive low dose imaging

AccuOrgan: Target Organ Imaging: To achieve high precision imaging of each part of human body at low dose and low energy consumption,

Anatom Fit your Space: Anatom Fit has been so compactly designed and engineered to meet the clinical needs of hospitals and facilities with room limitations.

Fast, precise and low-dose imaging technologies provide a full range of clinical solutions to meet the current and future clinical diagnostic needs.