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The right software can make the difference.
Nowadays choosing the correct software is often more important than the hardware.

Choose between different software platforms depending on the FPD brand you will pick.

VIEWORKS with its flawless, highly customizable user interface, will suit anybody’s needs with the choice between Human, Veterinary, Horses and mobile truck dedicated software.

VETRAD, dedicated to the all-round veterinary, used in fixed units in clinics but also perfect for domiciliary radiology for big animals. Very popular in Equine radiology paired to our portable unit PORTA 100HF.

In the software VxVue there are many interesting features.

  •  The interface is completely customizable.
  • The Operator can disable the unused buttons leaving only the most used ones.
  • The software is “full dicom”.  It is not necessary to be extra software.
  • The license is perpetual.

For vet diagnoses there is an added software (openable directly from VxVue) called QXlink that offers different function for vet examinations: for example measurement of hip dysplasia (Norberg angle), measurement of heart size, TTA (advancement of tibial tuberosity), TPLO (osteotomy level of tibial plateau) and many other functions. These features are appreciated by vet because can speed up many diagnoses.

Another important function is Pure Impact™ that is an algorithm that improve details of the images.

There are many languages available as well as German.

Software offers five schedule: dog, cat, bird, horse and exhotics animals; each one let the operator choose from various anatomical part with optimized pre-set parameters for each target examination.

Management of the study is like for human software (it is the same we use for human except for pre-set anatomical parts); a study for a patient can be integrated with more images even after a long period.

Software is really full of features and interface is user friendly even if there are many functions