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Monocrom High power diode lasers LBS-98A32-25CW-FAC-C1

High power laser head. 980 nm, 3200 W CW, fast axis collimation. Optics to achieve a line of 136 mm x 300 μm.
Solder-free diode bar mounting technology, exclusive from MONOCROM S.L., offers:

  • Long lifetime, due to the absence of the mechanical stress caused by the soldering process at high temperature and avoiding microchannels for water-cooling.
  • High reliability in pulsed conditions, since the clamped bars do no suffer the same fatigue effect than the soldered ones due to the thermal cycle. More than 100.000.000 shots.
  • Small thermal resistances, owing to the reduction of the contact resistance between electrodes and laser bar.
  • No micro channels are needed to reach low thermal resistances.
  • Large storage temperature interval tested from –40 ºC to + 85 ºC.