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MET DoForce – Direct Diode source for laser-assisted heating of metals

Met Doforce

A versatile Direct Diode source for laser-assisted heating of metals. The Met DoForce module has been designed for tailored-property parts manufacturing for designed crash-performance in the automotive industry. It excells in life-time duration, reliability, efficiency and robustness and impresses through its higher
working distance (> 150 mm) and depth of field.


  • 940 nm, 2 kW
  • Actively cooled laser bar stack
  • ClampingTM Patented Technology
    (Solder free mounting of laser bars)
  • Long lifetime
  • Low thermal resistance
  • High reliability
  • Available with square shaped top-hat beam profile
  • Wide storage temperature – 40º C to + 85º C

Suitable for

  • Industrial
  • Heat treatment