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Due to its inherent ability to see through and into targets, OCT has become a smart, supporting technology for many commercial and medical instruments and systems. Lumedica’s compact, patented and affordable OCT system development allows for a broad range of OEM applications.

Let us know your manufacturing specs and we’ll customize our OCT light engine to suit your application. Here’s why we could be an effective OEM partner:

  • We’re innovative: Despite having OCT patents already in place, we’re always ready to address to challenges.
  • We’re affordable: We want to build tools that are accessible to you and your customers.
  • We’re collaborative: We’re scientists with a proven track record of building successful technologies with partners.
  • We’re adaptable: We’re willing to explore how OCT can impact new applications and scientific fields
  • Our OCT is compact: Our light engine can be installed inside a shoebox, or an even smaller vessel, leaving plenty of room for other functionality.