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OCT: Important technology, vital research tool

OCT has become an established biomedical imaging technology along with MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and Microscopy.
It’s important to provide students with experience in this vital technology and its properties.
Students across a spectrum of science and engineering fields can benefit from learning about OCT.
Concepts to be learned include:

Fundamental physics – using optical interferometry to observe wave effects
Physiology – OCT can examine a wide range of biological tissues
Image and signal processing – converting interferometry data to OCT images illustrates several common signal
processing methods
Material science – OCT can be used to monitor material integrity in response to dynamic loading
Lumedica’s OQ Labscope brings medical grade OCT imaging to a price point and form factor compatible with the
undergraduate and graduate laboratory environment and budget.

OCT serves a wide array of industrial applications

Quality Control

OCT can measure layer thickness, identify voids, and map topography. Examples: car paint thickness and uniformity, pill coatings, and other protective coatings.


OCT can be used in spoof-proof fingerprint scanners to validate or authorize device access.

Counterfeit Detection

OCT has been an effective tool for authenticating original works of art and detecting counterfeit currency.


OCT provides precise, real-time hole depth and cutting profile measurement for laser cutters.


OCT has been used to inspect seams in welding systems to ensure proper bonding.


OCT is being explored as a means to provide provide 3 dimensional depth imaging to robotic systems.