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The ClearCut Laser Engine is engineered for the demanding needs of copper, silver, and gold cutting, welding, and fabrication. The laser’s unique wavelength of 455 nm +/- 5 nm is optimized for maximum absorption. Depending on material, the ClearCut is up to 20 times faster and more efficient compared to traditional cutting lasers. The ClearCut provides better wall-plug efficiency and lower maintenance costs. The ClearCut Laser Engine offers easy integration thanks to it’s air-cooled architecture. No external water chiller or liquid cooling is required.

Perfectly engineered for automotive, aerospace, and research applications, the ClearCut Laser Engine will reduce your fabrication times, costs, and mistakes. The 125 μm to 400 μm fiber output gives you precise control over the laser, making it ideal for your most demanding applications.

Available in power outputs from 25 Watts to 75 Watts, contact us today for a quote that fits your custom requirements. Don’t buy off the shelf products when our partner, Power Technology, can configure the exact ClearCut Laser Engine for your application. Contact MD Innovation Tech GmbH today.


• Welding
• Cutting
• Fabrication
• Battery Manufacturing3 d-printing
• Entertainment
• Medical
• Optical Pumping
• 3 D Printing

• Multiple Power Options
• Perfect Wavelength for Maximum Absorption
• Air Cooled