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Stradus® VersaLase™ System

The VersaLase™ system is a fully integrated, plug and play, and self-contained multiple wavelength (up to 4)output laser module. The Stradus® laser module patented sealed optical cavity and the innovative electronics give the VersaLase unparalleled power stability, beam pointing stability, and low noise over time and temperature. Vortran’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) software allows the user to control and monitor each wavelength remotely via USB or RS-232.

The VersaLase™ system is a multi-wavelength and highly stable platform that is pre-aligned to a collinear beam or can be spatially separated depending on the application.  The single interface and ease of control along with the reliable beam output make it the perfect solution for a multi-channel system to reduce the cost of aligning various individual lasers during manufacturing.

Key Features

  • up to 4 wavelengths individually controlled
  • Patented Sealed Optical Cavity
  • Self-contained & Compact
  • Excellent Beam Quality
  • Low Noise
  • USB or RS-232 Interface with GUI
  • Single Interface for multiple outputs
  • OEM Head or End-user Systems
  • Medical
  • Biomedical
  • Industrial