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Q-switched diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers,
ND-300 W – 1064 nm, 150 mJ, 100 Hz

High energy Nd:YAG lasers with diode pumping.
Rod diameter 8 mm, pulse energy 300 mJ by default (200 mJ – 400mJ on request). 100 Hz pulse repetition rate. Water cooling (with external chiller)

ND-300W from Photonics Laboratories a quite powerful, although still completely diode-pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Output energy achieves 300 mJ per pulse (200 mJ – 400 mJ on request), pulse repetition rate is as high as 100 Hz.

ND-300W is a water-cooled solution, so it requires an external chiller. Passively or forced-air cooled modification are available on special request for applications where maintenance-free is important, however their performance will be limited with 10 Hz – 20 Hz repetition rate.

Rigid laser head machined from the single piece of aluminium and spring-free design of mirror holders make ND-series a perfect choice for applications where the reliability is important.

ND-series lasers are equipped both with stand-alone UI (remote control with 7” graphical display and touch panel) and RS-485 machine interface. That allows both laboratory usage and integration into the customer’s systems. By the same reasons power supply and cooling system units are performed in 19” rack format.


  • Compact, but very powerful solution
  • Rugged alignment-free design
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Easy integration with customer’s system
  • Fair prices


  • Pumping (OPO, Ti:Sapphire, Dye laser pumping)
  • Scientific (LIDAR, LIF, LIBS, LIDT)
  • Material processing (laser marking, cleaning)



ND-150W ND-300W
Description Diode pumped Nd:YAG laser
Output energy (1064 nm) 150 mJ 300 mJ
Output energy (532 nm, optional) 75 mJ 150 mJ
Output beam diameter 5 mm 8 mm
Maximal repetition rate 100 Hz 100 Hz
Pulse width 8 ns -10 ns
Beam quality Multimode, near flat-top
Divergence <1.5 mrad
Polarization Linear, horizontal
Laser head dimensions (L*W*H) 420 mm * 90 mm * 98 mm 410 mm * 125 mm * 110 mm
Laser head weight 5.5 kg 6.5 kg
Power supply / cooling unit 19” rack mounted, 3U height, depth 450 mm, weight 10 kg
External chiller for water cooling
Interfaces Remote control
RS-485 machine interface



  • SHG, THG, FHG units, switchable wavelengths
  • OPO units
  • Custom made beam shaping units are available on request (beam homogenizers, focusing units, zoom lenses, beam attenuators, square beam generators and so on)