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Q-switched flashlamp pumped Nd:YAG lasers,

NS-100 … NS-500

NS-100 … NS-500 – 1064 nm, 100 mJ -500 mJ, 10 Hz – 20Hz
Low energy lasers build up on oscillator only.
Rod diameter from 4 mm to 8 mm. Pulse energy from 100 mJ to 500 mJ

NS-100 … NS-500 embody the simplest possible design of flashlamp pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers. One flashlamp, one laser rod, linear resonator, active Q-switching is a non-aging classics. Due different Nd:YAG rod sizes maximal output energy varies from 100mJ to 500mJ per pulse.

Rigid laser head machined from the single piece of aluminium and spring-free design of mirror holders make NS-series a perfect choice for applications where the reliability is important.

NS-series lasers are equipped both with stand-alone UI (remote control with 7” graphical display and touch panel) and RS-485 machine interface. That allows both laboratory usage and integration into the customer’s systems. By the same reasons power supply and cooling system units are performed in 19” rack format.

Multimode, near flat-top beam profile.


  • Compact, but very powerful solution
  • Rugged alignment-free design
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Easy integration with customer’s system
  • Fair prices


  • Pumping (OPO, Ti:Sapphire, Dye laser pumping)
  • Scientific (LIDAR, LIF, LIBS, LIDT)
  • Material processing (laser marking, cleaning)


NS-100 NS-200 NS-350 NS-500
Description Flashlamp pumped solid-state laser
Optical schema Oscillator only
Output energy (1064 nm) 100 mJ 200 mJ 350 mJ 500 mJ
Output energy (532 nm, optional) 50 mJ 100 mJ 170 mJ 250 mJ
Output beam diameter 4 mm 5 mm 6.5 mm 8 mm
Maximal repetition rate 20 Hz 15 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz
Pulse width 8 ns -12 ns
Beam quality Multimode, near flat-top
Divergence <1.5 mrad
Polarization Linear, horizontal
Laser head dimensions (L*W*H) 294 mm * 150 mm *73 mm
Laser head weight 5.5 kg
Power supply / cooling unit 19” rack mounted, 6U height, depth 450 mm
Weight  20 kg
Interfaces Remote control
RS-485 machine interface


  • SHG, THG, FHG units, switchable wavelengths
  • OPO units
  • Custom made beam shaping units are available on request (beam homogenizers, focusing units, zoom lenses, beam attenuators, square beam generators and so on)

NS-700 … NS-1200 – 1064nm, 700-1200mJ, 10Hz

High energy lasers build up on oscillator + amplifier scheme. Both amplifier and oscillator are pumped with the only flashlamp.
rod diameter 8 mm. Pulse energy 1000 mJ by default (700 mJ-1200 mJ on request).

Custom lasers of NS-series

The following options are available on request:

  • Dual pulse lasers for PIV and LIBS applications
  • Lasers with TEM00 output
  • Subnanosecond pulse width (around 500 ps) instead of nanoseconds
  • Laser heads with integrated harmonics generators and so on